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As of Friday 05/26/2017

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Icculus IPA - A solid citrus profle and dry bitter finish. 2- row, Crysal 15, Wheat and Vienna malts. Hopped withh Nelson Sauvin, Citra, a touch of Amirillo and Cascade. 5.8% 50 IBU’s%
$5.50 pints, $17.25 pitcher

Bill IPA - A New England style IPA that is characterized by a slightly cloudy haze caused by additions of wheatand lots of oats. Low in bitterness, but with a huge aroma of juicy tropical hops. 6.5% 60IBUs
$5.50 pints, $17.25 pitcher

Prime Time Pale Ale - Brewed with a blend of 2 - Row and Crystal malt. Light crisp and citrusy to bring out a clean finish. Hopped with Magnum, Cascade and Citra 4.5% 30 IBU’s
$5.50 pints, $17.25 pitcher

Skosh ISA - Brewed with Maris Otter, 2 - Row, Munich, Caravienne and Wheat. Hopped with Galena, Chinnok, Cascade, Bitter Gold and Centennial. 4.9% 55 IBUs
$5.50 pints, $17.95 pitcher

Perspective IPA - Crystal 15 malt gives this IPA a touch of caramel sweetness that is balanced with slight pine and dank notes from Amarillo and Simco hops. 6.9% 70 IBU’s
$5.50 pints, $17.25 pitcher

Goldie Hops 6%
$5.50 pints, $17.25 pitcher


Wheatapaug Groove - A hoppy American Wheat with 2 - Row, Munich, Vienna anda shole lot of Washington grown wheat. Hopped with Amarillo, Citra and Equinox giving it a citrus and tropical fruit aromas. 5.8% 45 IBU's
$5.50 pints, $18 pitcher

Saison Sauvin - A classic French-style Saison. Brewed with lots of Wheat and a touch of Oats for a silky mouthfeel. This is a single hopped Saison, brewed with all Nelson Sauvin hops. Very effervescent and bright from the yeast, with a white wine aroma and dry finish. 7% 30 IBUs
$5.50 Tulip, $18 pitcher


Coal Creek Porter - A blend of dark malts and crystal malts gives our Porter a rich and smooth texture with a chocolatey finish. Hopped with Magnum, Liberty and Centennial. 5.4%
$5 pints, $16.25 pitcher

Atlas Amber - Pale, Crystal and Munich with a touch of Chocolate malt for color. Malty sweetness starts this classic amber offand finishes with just enough hops to balance it out. 4.5%
$5 pints, $16.25 pitcher

Buck Mulligan's Dublin Stout - A creamy and smooth stout with a nice roasted finish. Served on nitro. 4.5%
$5 pints


Whiny the Complainer Triple IPA -Don’t cry Whiny is back! Citrus aromatics that fade to resinous pine with a touch of melon. 9.9% 80 IBU’s
$5.50 snifter

Cask Conditioned: SCARLET FIRE IPA