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Scarlet Fire IPA - Our Flagship IPA is brewed with a technique known as First Wort Hopping. This is a full-bodied hop forward, Northwest IPA. Dry Hopped with Chinook and Cascade. 7.2% 65 IBUs
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher

Save The Ave IPA - Brewed with 2-row, Golden Promise, and malted wheat. Generously hopped with Nelson, Sauvin, and Cascade in the whirlpool then fermented with our house ale strain. Heavy-handed additions of Cascade, Amarillo, and Falconer’s Flight post fermentation. Floral, spicy, fresh pineapple, grapefruit zest. 6.0% 45 IBUs
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher

Hoponessa IPA - 2-row, crystal, and wheat malts provide a rich body and a crisp finish. Hopped with Citra in the boil and loads more added in dry hops. Lychee and lemongrass added in the brite. A delectable beer by all rights. 6% 40 IBUs
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher

Zinkalicious - Golden Promise and Great Western 2-row provide a rich malt flavor accompanied with Citra, Amarillo and Ahtanum creates a truly unique IPA. Notes of citrus light pine and pepper. 7% 50 IBU’s
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher

Level Up Pale - Brewed in collaboration with Coindexter’s for their 2nd anniversary! Level Up is loaded with Mosaic, Citra, and Amarillo hops. This beer is tropical, dank, and citrusy with a light refreshing body. Congratulations to Coindexter’s on leveling up one more year older!! 5.9% 30 IBUs
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher


Kölsch 45 German Pale Ale - Super light and super crisp. Brewed primarily with Skagit Valley Talisman pilsner malt and hopped delicately with Czech Saaz hops. A gentle honey sweetness on the finish with just enough bitterness to demand a refill. 5.1% 10 IBUs
$5.50 pints, 32OZ. mugs $9.75, $17.25 pitcher

Sour Smash Kids - The 11th in our series of fruited kettle sours, this one features oodles of pink guava and raspberries from Oregon Fruit Products. Perfectly tart and insanely refreshing. 7.3% 10 IBUs
$6.25 tulip, $22 pitcher


Coal Creek Porter - A blend of dark malts and crystal malts gives our Porter a rich and smooth texture with a chocolatey finish. Hopped with Magnum, Liberty and Centennial. 5.4%
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher

S'moredor Imperial Stout - brewed in the Fires of Mount Doom-Kettle, the Dark Lords forged a master beer in secret, and into this beer they poured their cruelty, malice and will to dominate all beers. One beer to Smore them all. Brewed with marshmallows, Cocoa, , and Graham Cracker's. 8.5%
$6.25 pints

Atlas Amber - Pale, Crystal and Munich with a touch of Chocolate malt for color. Malty sweetness starts this classic amber offand finishes with just enough hops to balance it out. 5.4%
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher

Octoberfest - Brewed with Dark Pilot and Talisman Pilsner malt from Skagit Valley Malting. Hopped with Tettnang and Mt. Hood. Full bodied maltiness, slightly spicy and a dry finish. 6.5% 25IBUs
$6.25 pints, 32OZ. mugs $11.25, $19.50 pitcher