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As of Friday 05/15/2020


Scarlet Fire IPA - Our Flagship IPA is brewed with a technique known as First Wort Hopping. This is a full-bodied hop forward, Northwest IPA. Dry Hopped with Chinook and Cascade. 7.2% 65 IBUs

Heart of Gold IPA - Blended base malts of Skagit Valley’s Copeland Pale and Great Western’s 2-row. Bittered with Columbus and late kettle additions of Falconer’s FLight and Citra hops. This beer is big bodied and boldly bitter. Dry hopped with Amarillo, Falconer’s Flight and Chinook at 2.5lbs/bbl for a true hop expression floral, tropical and lightly piney. 8% 70 IBUs

Hoponessa IPA - 2-row, crystal, and wheat malts provide a rich body and a crisp finish. Hopped with Citra in the boil and loads more added in dry hops. Lychee and lemongrass added in the brite. A delectable beer by all rights. 6% 40 IBUs

Haulin’ Oats Oatmeal IPA - Brewed with 2 Row, Munich, Caraveinna and lots of Oats. Bittered with Gelena, fallowed by late kettle additions of Cascade, Galena and Mosaic Hops. Dry hopped with even more Mosaic!. 6.3% 40 IBUs

Everybody Wins IPA - Brewed with Skagit Valley's Copeland Pale, flaked oats, and Great Western 2-row. Hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Centennial for a burst of fresh dank citrus. 6.3% 40 IBUs

The Perfect Distance - Collaboration with our friends at Ravenna Brewery to celebrate our unity in a time of separation. This IPA showcases cryo Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops, with tangerine blossoms and blueberries on the nose, and grapes and white wine for your taste buds. 4-pack $17 7% 40 IBUs


Galaxy Gala Sour - Brewed in collaboration with our great friends from Watershed Pub and Kitchen for their 6th anniversary! This beer is packed to the brim with passion fruit, raspberry, peach, and blackberry for an extremely quenchable and crushable springtime sour. 5.4%

Kölsch 45 -Super light and super crisp. Brewed primarily with Skagit Valley Talisman pilsner malt and hopped delicately with Czech Saaz hops. A gentle honey sweetness on the finish with just enough bitterness to demand a refill. 5.1% 10 IBUs

We Surviven Heferweizen - Notes of fresh orange, light banana, and spicy clove with a medium body. Together we are the Seattle beer community and together we are surviving. 5% 15 IBUs

Big City Pilsner -A rich and clean pilsner showcasing Skagit Valley's Francis Pilsner malt. Hopped Comet and Mt. Hood provide notes of light spice and citrus.A true beauty to beerhold. 5% 20 IBUs


Coal Creek Porter - A blend of dark malts and crystal malts gives our Porter a rich and smooth texture with a chocolatey finish. Hopped with Magnum, Liberty and Centennial. 5.4%

Rockhill Mild -A classic English Mild Ale brewed with Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts with a healthy addition of English Fuggle hops giving it a delicate earthy aroma and spicy finish. 4.5% 15IBUs

Ayrshire Scottish Ale - Brewed in the tradition of true scottish ales. This beer is full bodied with notes of fresh hazelnut and sweet caramel. Golden Promise, Munich and an array of caramel malts with little hops highlights the complex malty profile. “Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North, the birth-place of valour, the country of worth; wherever I wander, wherever I rove, the highlands forever I love.” -Robert Burns. 5% 12IBUs